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Training services available

Our master trainers are dedicated to helping you with all your training needs.  We have experience with AKC Competition Obedience, leading K9 Search and Rescue Teams, protection work, therapy work, Service Dog training, behavioral issues, aggressive dogs and are national evaluators for the American Working Dog Association for detection work.

Private Lessons

Private sessions last 1-1.5 hours and the location is based on what we are working on and the level of distraction desired. Each session is tailored to your specific training goals in mind whether you want to work on general obedience, competition obedience, building up confidence or even socialization. 

Private lessons are available weeknights and on weekends.

$65.00 our location $75.00 your home

Group Classes

Group classes are held on Thursday evening at Pet Supermarket.  We host a 6pm level 1 obedience class and a 7pm level 2 obedience class.  It is recommended you pre-register for class to reserve your spot and you are welcome to stay for both classes if desired.

Clients who take private lessons are welcome to attend our group training classes for free


Board & Train

Going out of town and want to come home to a well behaved pup or want us to jump start your training or work on a behavioral issue?  We can help all while your pup stays as part of our pack!  Board a trains start at a week long and begin at $500.00 for the week.  They include free training sessions to make sure you understand what your dog has learned and how to get the desired trained behaviors.  

$750.00 & up

Behavioral Consult & Training

Are you dealing with an unwanted behavior  or aggression and at your wits end?  Have you tried all options or are you not sure where to start?  Let us help!  We will come to your home or the location of the unwanted behavior and perform an evaluation.  That same day we will establish a plan, provide demonstrations and coach you through actions to correct the unwanted behavior. 


Kids & K9's

This program is designed specifically for children 16 and under.  It is similar to the general obedience program, however allows for additional time, goes over the appropriate way to interact with the pup and provides a better balance in your home.

We highly recommend a parent attend the session to understand the training process.


Therapy Dog International Training (TDI)

Would you like to become a volunteer and take your dog into senior homes, children’s hospital or assisted living facilities? If so, take this 7 week course to prepare you for the certification. This program will go over each portion of the certification test to ensure you are confident and prepared. We will practice at a variety of locations.


AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Training &Testing

This course will be taught over a 6 week period and go over each requirement of the CGC test. The training locations will vary to ensure your handling skills and canines behavior exceed the requirements of the Canine Good Citizen standards. At the end of the training period, we can schedule the CGC test and obtain your certification.




Scent Work

K9 nose work is a fun search and scenting activity for both you and your canine. This sport is easy to learn, increases confidence and focus, plus provides physical and mental exercise which your dog will love (and you will love how tired they are after)! We will introduce your dog to different scents depending on your goal of this program (fun and bonding, bed bug detection, search and rescue…) and increase the level of difficulty as your team progresses, always making it something new and exciting.


American Working Dog Association (AWDA)

At Island Dog we have National American Working Dog Association Evaluators who offer training, seminars and certifications for the following:

  • Search & Rescue Tracking, Trailing, Live Find and Human Remains Detection
  • Service Dog Teams
  • Narcotic Detection
  • Bed Bug Detection
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Group Training at Pet Supermarket

Group classes are held every Thursday from 6 to 7pm at Pet Supermarket in Clermont.  We work on different obedience commands throughout the class, while incorporating fun games, challenges and training tools.  At 7pm we allow those in attendance to stay for additional training, ask training questions they have, to learn about popular products and training tools or compete in obedience challenges.

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Island Dog is proud to offer National certifications through the American Working Dog Association for Service Dogs, Search and Rescue K9’s, Bed Bug Detection Dogs and Narcotics K9’s.  

Board & Train boot camps

Bootcamps are a great way to get a strong foundation of obedience on your pup, get them socialized, build their confidence and work on any behavioral issues you may have.  After we do the initial work for you, we re-introduce you into the picture and teach you the methods so you can receive the same great results.  Each program is tailored to your individual needs and all pups are kept in our home, as one of our pack.